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Troy Carrington

Troy is undoubtedly Damian's most popular character. After playing bugger all games at 4 clubs over 7 years, Troy Carrington has taken to coaching footy in the country and running what is believed to be the only alpaca farm slash organic winery in the country. If you're after an after dinner speaker with a difference, Troy is the ideal choice.

He initially presents himself as a typically inarticulate country boy, but as he begins to regale stories of footy trips; talent nights and pre-season bonding activities, Troy reveals a much more culturally sensitive persona. Post-season footy trips to Prague to follow the Mozart trail to Vienna and Javanese shadow puppet versions of Shakespeare at the talent night. He'll also give his unique insight into your organisation. These are the unlikely offerings of Troy as he shares his career highlights.

Troy has has been hugely successful at everything from AFL Club presentation nights to Catholic Religious Education Conferences; from Charity Golf Days to Community Bank Dinners. He'll make you wish he was real.