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'Backyard Ashes' - World Premiere coming to a Wagga Wagga near you!

The green carpet has been rolled out, the picket fences erected and the second popcorn machine has been fired at the 'Wagga Forum 6' for tonight's World Premiere of the locally made 'Backyard Ashes'

Almost 12 months ago to the day I drove up The Olympic Highway with my Daewoo packed with enough undies to last a month and a script I was yet to learn. From the welcoming first night shindig at 'The Thirsty Crow Brewery' I knew this was going to be fun. Despite the frugal budget and the lack of a distribution deal there was a complete absence of cynicism on set and around the community.

The film's creative team Mark Grentell and Peter Cox, well loved in the Wagga community, have an unpretentious enthusiasm that is infectious. When the council pass the resolution to mount busts of local legends they'll be up next to the likes of Mark Taylor, Wayne Carey, Scobie Breasley and Arthur Orton, the infamous 19th imposter who famously walked away from his butcher shop in Wagga Wagga and for a time successfully claimed to be the heir to the Tichborne lineage in England. But their is no pretense here: the boys from Crow Crow Productions of the rightful heirs to the crown of Riverina's finest film makers.

12 months down the track, the film has been picked up for distribution [Umbrella Entertainment] and the official film bodies have now come on board to assist with the the post production. Shit, they've even got merchandise and everything. I have't seen any of it yet but I'll be disappointed if there aren't inflatable John Wood dolls

The film is being launched this week [November 7-10] in the NSW towns of Wagga Wagga, Albury, Orange & Tamworth. It is set for a metro release on November 22nd if it goes well in the regions. So if you want to make sure you see it on the big screen, ring or email your local cinema and ask when it's starting. If that doesn't work write them a memo attached to a cricket ball and deliver it personally through their front window.

I'll be there tonight walking the astro turf gauntlet and no amount of sledging will wipe the smile off my face as I walk out to bat.

Here's a link to the trailer


… And here's the Facebook Page. Like it and find out about where the film will be showing over the next month

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