January 17, 2013 Posted by damian in NEWS

Campbell Newman lures Callinan to the Brisbane Comedy Festival

After answering a personal plea from Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, Damian will be bringing his hit one man show 'The Merger' to Brisbane's 'Powerhouse' as part of the 5th annual 'Brisbane Comedy Festival.'

It's likely Newman will be in attendance for all 6 shows from March 12th to 17th at 7.15pm [Sunday 6.15pm] but once they've blocked out a bank of seating for his entourage there should be plenty of room for other punters to buy tickets. In a bold move to bolster his flagging popularity in the polls, Newman is banking on linking himself with the Melbourne based comedian who only recently claimed to have never met Newman and ...'would sooner buy a 'Coffee Club' franchise than be seen in his company'

Random political backing is not new to Callinan, only last year he performed in Pyongyang at the bucks turn of Kim Jong-Un's best friend at the request of the North Korean leader and in 2011 Callinan became the first comedian to officially open a parliamentary sitting in Uganda at the insistence of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

'The Merger' - the story of a struggling country football club who recruit asylum seekers to stave of a merger, has been branded by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as 'a show that I have yet to see'

For booking details, information and a copy of Callinan's Ugandan address click on the link below.

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