February 20, 2013 Posted by damian in NEWS


It’s 2.30am: I’m on facebook and unable to tear my eyes away from the school renunion photos of someone I don’t really know. An email arrives.

‘Help ‘Marzipan Ladder’ get to the Edinburgh Fringe’ … It’s another Pozible request from someone else I don’t know who thinks the world needs to see their spoken word, improvisational dance expose on beauty pageants. After selling out 3 nights at the Gympie Fringe Festival, they believe the time is right to make other people pay the $20,000 they need to perform to empty houses in the back room of a disused Laundromat.

For those who don’t know what Pozible is, it’s an online fundraising forum that gives artists of all persuasions a platform to ask for donations to achieve a specific goal: Get an album recorded, self publish an anthology of poems, make a caravan out of cable ties, wrap a macramé camel in glad wrap etc.

When I first started out in the performance world there was no such forum. You’d work out what you wanted to do, make a budget you could afford, paid for it yourself and then did the show. I never even thought to ask other people to pay, stupidly thinking my indulgences were not the domain of complete strangers.

Don’t get me wrong, I have pledged for several good causes of artists I know who have done the hard yards and whose work I believe in, but I’m sorry ‘Yvette Paris Pants’ I’m not going to pay for your holiday to Berlin because you’ve discovered you just need a corset and tattoo of a barn owl to call your self a Burlesque artist.

Anyway I’d better get going, my tribute to the journey of Burke & Wills with an albino Welsh choir, line dancing lolly pop ladies and a GPS projection of the trip beamed onto the side of a Clydesdale set inside a shipping container in isn’t going to fund itself.

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