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World Premiere of 'Roadtrip' To Go Ahead Despite Links To Stephen Dank

Unperturbed by revelations that they are likely to be investigated by ASADA, comedians Mickey D & Damian Callinan are going ahead with the world premiere of their new concept show 'Roadtrip'

The show, which also features the skills of documentary film maker Charlie Hill-Smith, sees Callinan & Dwyer spending 48 hours in a town and then putting on a show based on the town and their experiences.

The first show kicks off at Port Macdonnell and they're not entirely sure what is going to happen yet but it's likely Mickey will be getting seasick on a Cray Boat and Damo will be dressing up as a female ghost in period costume and kicking the footy around the cemetery.

This trial season, produced by Country Arts SA, sees the boys visiting ...
- Port Macdonnell - April 30th
- Bordertown - May 2nd
- Lameroo - May 4th

Full show details can be seen at ...


Assuming their names have been cleared they will then be embarking on an extensive national tour of the show in 2014.

Dwyer was recently seen drinking the first milk directly from the teat of a new born cow and has admitted to being a known associate of a bloke who almost met sports chemist Stephen Dank, the man at the centre of the 'Drugs In Sport' crisis. Callinan refused to comment as he was eating bark dipped in pigs brain extract at the time.

This is a 'performance-enhanced' blurb for the show.

The van is packed and Mickey and Damo are coming to your town to put on a show. Only problem is they don’t have one... yet! The boys have 2 days to steal the keys to your town and discover secrets only a local would know. With the help of award winning documentary film-maker Charlie Hill-Smith, 48 hours becomes 90 minutes of hilarity. Mickey & Damo will reveal the good, the bad and the funny of your town and you'll wish you'd brought in your washing.
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