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November 10, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian was a writer/performer on all 3 seasons of this popular sketch comedy series. The show, broadcast on Channel 10, can still be seen in Australia on Foxtel's comedychannel. The show was also screened on UK Paramount TV as well as being screened in New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Greece and is widely credited as being one of the catalysts for the European financial crisis. View project
November 9, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian became a regular on the popular ABC TV light entertainment series during the final two seasons of the show. This culminated in him being asked to appear in the series final in late 2011. View project
November 8, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian regularly appears in Melbourne Comedy Festival TV specials including many appearances on The MICF Gala; The Great Debate, The Roadshow Special & Raw Comedy Final. View project
November 7, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian was a panelist and segment presenter on this football comedy show for Channel 10 for the first 2 seasons. View project
November 6, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Created for Foxtels comedychannel this series of 60 interstitials written and performed with Lawrence Mooney were repeated countless times. View project
November 5, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian was a cast member and the grand final winning captain of the improvised comedy show 'Comedy Slapdown' hosted by HG Nelson. The show aired on 'Foxtel's comedychannel' in 2008.
November 4, 2012in Film and TV, TV

A regular guest on the Gold logie winning Rove live, he has been seen often playing 'My Charader', 'All That Glitters' - radio play and in a number of sketches.
November 3, 2012in Film and TV, TV

Damian joined the cast of sketch comedy show "The Wedge" on Channel 10 as a writer performer for the second series screened in 2007. Aired in the dark hours of the night, it comfortably beat the SBS Static Weather Signal in the ratings.