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Endorsement: Karen Terry - Principal, St Helena Secondary College
Event: 1st Day Back - 2015

A great way to start the school year. Clever comedy tailored to our school and our people. Intuitive and hilarious."

Endorsement: Helen Howden - Principal, St Francis PS, Oak Park
Event: Northern Catholic Regional Office Tri-Annual Conference - 'The Art Of Possibilty'
Venue: Jeff's Shed
Year: 2011

I am aware that the Northern Catholic Regional Office will officially thank you in some way for the wonderful job that you did at our recent "The Art of Possibility" Conference in Melbourne, however as one of the many plebs who attended I personally wish to thank you. Your understanding of the catholic system, your wry sense of humour, your research into speakers and how you joined in made for an outstanding presentation. Congratulations again and hopefully we get to see you in 3 years time.

Endorsement: Carol Rawson - Lowanna College, Newborough
Event: Professional Development Day
Year: 2012

Damian made our first day at work a really great day. Everyone laughed and enjoyed every minute. He was able to capture so many points related to teaching and put them into true and comical situation. Well done, Damian.

Endorsement: Cassandra (Sandy) Webb - Student Advocate & Support Coordinator - Monash University Gippsland Student Union
Event: Monash Gippsland First year Integration Day
Year: 2009

I just wanted to thank you for last night and let you know that we've been getting some fantastic feedback. You did an excellent job, especially at getting the students involved! Students keep telling us about how much they enjoyed the activities and how they'd like to do it again! So great work, your activities were just what we were after.

I wish you well in your upcoming ventures. Hopefully we'll see you again soon. Thanks again!

Endorsement: Mandy Croker - MTA Australia
Event: Victoria University Staff Forum
Year: 2008

Just a quick note to let you know that the client thought Damian was superb. She really enjoyed his performance and has already received lots of positive feedback. She has sent out feedback forms to attendees of the conference and hopes to put together some written testimonials for Damian when she gets them all back just before Christmas. She said he was lovely to work with and really appreciates how he called her etc. Thank you for all your help once again and please pass on a big thanks to Damian.

Endorsement: Jenny Fink - Operations Manager, Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation
Event: Walking With Words - Early Years Literacy Conference
Venue: Mercure, Ballarat
Year: 2009

Dear Damian,

On behalf of the Walking on Words committee I would like to thank you for your fantastic dinner speech and terrific MCing at our conference. It was wonderful and we appreciate the time and effort that you put into your work. 100% of Conference delegates gave your performance the highest rating, which is a huge result and has never happened before. Dinner participants also raved about your very funny and clever performance. So thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you every success with your tour.

Endorsement: Tony Byrne, Co-ordinating Manager
Faith and Catholic Identity
Organisation: Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
Event: Catholic Education Office Religious education Conference - Park Hyatt, Melbourne 2012

Thanks for the great performance last Thursday night at the RE Conference Dinner. It was all they said it would be and more. People who claim to rarely laugh at comedy talking about how much fun it was and how much they laughed.

Endorsement: Various Principals
Event: East Gippsland Region - Education Leadership Awards. Lakes Entrance
Year: 2008

'Damian provided a fantastic "in context" conclusion to help finish the conference on a high note, well played sir!'

'To have Damian Callinan at the end of the conference was a fantastic way to finish. He should be rehired for next year.'

'Damian - absolutely excellent.'

'Excellent way to finish a conference - such a positive!'

'Such high quality entertainment.'

'Research on individuals made it so humorous - great work Damian'

'What a funny guy! Captured us all.'

'Had us in stitches for the entire time.'

'What a talent! Funny guy who had the audience worked out very quickly and worked the room in a sensational way.'

'Still laughing!'

Endorsement: Simon Fitzpatrick
Organisation: Holy Family PS Doveton
Event: Sth East Melbourne Catholic Primary School Association Conference

"Damian's show 'Speech Night' was a great success at our Principal's Conference. Damian's highly energetic and hilarious show had the mob in stiches. Damian's research allowed him to make amusing references to different Principal's and their schools and his send up of the current educational climate was very well received. I would thoroughly recommend Damian."

Endorsement: Dr Deborah Seifort - Head
Organisation: University College, Melbourne University
Event: Student Valedictory

"A billion thanks for coming to UC last night and doing what you do so well - you have such a kind way with people and are so clever with your research and style. The way you talked to the students during the meal and afterwards was a treat to observe - you really LIKE people and it shows. Your performance couldn't have been more 'spot on' and I know that students really enjoyed it. Thank you for being my gift, and you are truly gifted."

Endorsement: Linsey Ollerton & Georgie Reid
Organistion: Department Of Education & Training
Events: Various

"Damian Callinan has hosted several events for the Department of Education & Training and has continually entertained guests through creative and dynamic performances.

Many of our projects cater for children, teachers, parents and government officials and Damian's professional MC skills engage this diverse group superbly. He is interactive and flexible, and he builds an amazing rapport with his audience - even after the event when he chats with people, signs autographs and poses with his fans for photos.

We couldn't recommend Damian highly enough for his humour, wit and originality. His uncanny ability to personalise any topic or event is hilarious!"

Endorsement: John McCauley
Organisation: University House - Melbourne University Staff Club
Event: University House Comedy Night

"Many thanks for your involvement at our first ever comedy night. Your preparation was first class and the way you used University and Club related material was hilarious and went down very well with the audience. We have had numerous comments from members that your performance was the standout for the night."

Endorsement: Samantha Tidy - School Services Manager
Organisation: State Library Of Victoria
Events: Various Events during the 'Eureka Revisited' Exhibition

"Damian was able to help students find a window into the Eureka story through laughter. They came away with an educational experience, combined with comedy - a great combination for learning. His characters still make our Library staff giggle during staff meetings when anyone mentions, "Thwatesy"... Thanks for a string of great performances during our Eureka celebrations, Damian!"