The Cave To The Rave

Anyone who has seen Damian do stand-up or indeed spied him on the dance floor at a festival club would know he doesn’t mind shaking his thing. The Cave to the Rave combined this together with his comedic mind to create one of his most successful shows to date. The man owns professional dance shoes and he’s not afraid to wear them.

Originally conceived in a brainstorming session of ‘discarded show titles’ with Wil Anderson and Adam Spencer on JJJ Breakfast, the idea soon gained momentum as Damian seized on the opportunity to get people to pay to watch him dance.

Aside from a Duran Duran party piece and a nearly successful audition in footy shorts and thongs to dance at the opening of the Darwin Performing Arts Centre, Damian brought virtually no dance experience to the stage.

Unperturbed, the show developed into a partly biographical account of Damian’s journey to the microphone via the dance floor. Along the way he delivers his observations on everything from wedding dance floor behaviour to the antidote to dance for Australian men … beer.

It’s not all talk. Damian takes to the dance floor with a series of highly choreographed tributes to everything from 80’s dancing to suspiciously funded fringe movement ensembles.

In 2010 Damian updated and rewrote the show for a Melbourne season followed by a RAV produced tour of Regional Victoria and Tasmania. The extended 2 hour edition allowed Damian to include his take on the advent of reality dance shows, choreograph a tribute to the dance film genre and fulfil a career long desire to claim his dance shoes on his tax return.

In 2013 the Country Arts WA toured the show regionally from Broome to Esperance to rave reviews and plans are afoot for the show to tour to Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart in 2014.

The show is soon to be filmed for DVD Release at The Arkaba in Adelaide on Sunday, July 14th, 2013.

2003 – Melbourne International Comedy Festival [Winner of ABN AMRO Foreign Exchange Award]
2010 – Victorian Trades Hall Season
2010 – Regional Arts Tour – Victoria & Tasmania
2012 – P&O Comedy Cruises
2013 – Country Arts WA tour
2013 – LIVE DVD Record – Arkaba, Adelaide
2013 – UGLY – Leukaemia Foundation Fundraiser, Bellum Hotel, SA

Michelle Gethin – Wheatbelt Mercury 2013

If you know what the terms, shopping trolley, sprinkler and lawn mower refer to, then you would have loved Damian Callinan’s show ‘The Cave the Rave’ at The Cummins Theatre in Merredin on Wednesday night.

In two hours an energetic Callinan managed to poke fun at dance styles from line dancing to contemporary, interpretive dance, to flash in the pan dance moments like Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’

In a world where we now expect your everyday, mild-mannered accountant to secretly harbour the desire to don lycra and perform in front of a television audience and every celebrity to perform a passable Paso Doble, Callinan helped unravel the mysteries of dance phenomena such as the awkward side to side shuffle favoured by men everywhere and why women dance around their hand bags.

His brilliant 1980’s dance montage had everyone groaning in recognition and his epic tale of being an awkward teen under the influence of Duran Duran had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Callinan’s natural ability to interact with the crowd was also a real highlight.

Merredin was the first stop on the WA tour and now heads north before returning to the district to play Narrogin, Corrigin and Hyden.

If you’re looking for a night of good honest fun that leaves you smiling long after the lights have come up then this show is one to clear the calender for.

David Stockman – Inpress – April 2003

It’s a mystery to me why Damian Callinan is not one of Australia’s most popular comedians. He consistently produces some of the best comedy in the [Melbourne Comedy] Festival and his work in Skithouse brings to the small screen the same high standard of humour. Yet, for some reason, the audience last Wednesday to see his new show “The Cave To The Rave – The Story Of Dance” was surprisingly small. And, despite the meager attendance, Callinan swept them away with his comedic sidestep.

While the dance sequences in the show are performed with a rather tongue in cheek style, it’s obvious there has been good planning and rehearsal in their development.

The Cave To The Rave is a fine example of a show that draws on many different comedic elements, yet manages to maintain a solid narrative throughout. Callinan deftly changes from the very clever to the outright silly, managing to work both effectively

In short “The Cave to the Rave” helps argue the case why Callinan should be regarded as one of Australia’s premier comics, and is one of the festival’s must see shows.

Audience Reviews – Cummins Theatre, Merredin WA – May 2013

That was one of the best shows ever. Thanks for coming to Merredin. Such an inspiration.

[Timmy Lea]

A magical myriad of performing talent, all in one man


Thanks for that I larfed my guts out


I have very, very, very sore cheeks dancing man


What an excellent night. Brilliant show. Very Funny

[Bruce Rock Girls]

Audience Reviews – Matt Dann Cultural Centre, Port Hedland WA – May 2013

Thanks so much. My face hurts from laughing


Cheers Damo. The workshop and the show both ruled!

[Jimmy – the tug boat captain]

Didn’t know what to expect. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. Thanks for coming to Port Hedland.

[Kaye & Dave]

Enjoyable show. Left with a real ‘feel good’ feeling


Great show! You’re fitter than you look


So, so funny. What a great show. Loved it all


A good laugh is like a steak. I have my meat intake covered for the fortnight. Thanks Damian

[Laurence – the female french music teacher]

Audience Reviews – Broome Civic Centre WA – May 2013

Brilliant night. 5 Star Show


Fab Night. 5 ticks

[St Mary’s College]

Fabulously fun performance … and incredible self-control with the loud mouth, spoil sport. Well done.


Great show. Long Live Bundoora. Pity about the fat cow.


Audience Reviews – Point Samson Community Centre WA – May 2013

What a great show. Funny F@#%er!!

Unexpected and awesome night in Pt Samson

Absolutely brilliant – original, cultural, local focus, audience participation – great night. Come again.

Perfect night for Samson. Belly laughs. Love the dance moves

F$%&ing gold! Constant laughs. Wicked