What a Relief … it’s Damian Callinan

Since early 2000 Damian has been intermittently touring with the National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA] Targeting communities that have suffered hardship through drought, flood and fire, the agency has been creating these events using Damian as the centrepiece. Whilst comedy is the lure that brings everyone to the hall, the night itself with various agencies on site to offered services to those that have suffered and continue to be adversely affected by the natural disasters. Healthwise nurses are on site to administer heart checks; counsellors from Rural Financial Counselling Service [RFCS] and Regional Adversity Mental Health Program [RAMPH] are there to dispense financial advice and personal guidance respectively. Led by Sandy McNaughton, officers from MEMA are also on site to explain what options are open to disaster victims and, in some cases, literally sign emergency relief cheques on the spot.

Despite doing 5 shows a week, each show is tailored as much as possible to give the community a personalised show. From the moment he arrives in town, Damian is on the move with his camera phone taking in every detail. With curtain up time approaching, Damian compiles all of his pictures and photo shopped jokes into a PowerPoint. Armed only with a microphone, projector & screen, he weaves a visual narrative of his time in the area astounding the audience with how much he has taken in, in such a short time. The show is rounded out with hilarious stories of Damian regional touring and generic uplifting stand up. The framework of this show gave life to Damian’s new show Mayor for a Day. The responses from the communities, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Very, very, very successful. Damian delivered a perfect set for a regional Aussie town. Perfectly calibrated. Very likable guy, easily relatable.

Very good event. Loved how Damian gave the show a local flavour. The Merger is a great movie. Thank you Damian.

Damian Callinan was outstanding. I loved the show – laughed a lot!

Brilliant! So uplifting for our community.


What a great show!! We would love you to come back in the future. Best show I have seen in years.

I really enjoyed the versatility of Damian’s performance, his energy and feel inspired to look more closely at signs. Thank you for the entertainment and lots of laughter.

Enjoyed every minute with Damian.

The entertainer is worth all he gets.


Fantastic show. Laughter is the best!! We needed a really good laugh after the last fews years. Brilliant. Thanks Damo, Sandy, etc.

F@#$%ing brilliant! Cheers.

Bloody good show. Lots of laughs. Spot on.


Damian’s show was the best. I would recommend his show to anyone. Thank you for bringing him to Delungra. We all need a good laugh.

An excellent evening. Damian a good fit for such rural events – except he’s an AFL man!


Absolutely awesome. Couldn’t stop laughing. Damian got the audience involved. It has brought many people/farmers out that wouldn’t normally attend this venue. LOVED IT!!! Thank you.

Absolutely brilliant show to lift up our community after it has been hard to find anything to laugh about for so long.

Just come back. It was tops. You are a life saver.


He was so funny. Would extremely recommend him to others.

Very entertaining, great dance moves – what a fabulous night. Able to relate to much of the show. Fun, fun, fun.


Damian was excellent! Very funny! Great night. Thanks for coming.

Quality act not often seen in country towns.

So brilliant! This has been the best night ever in our community! Thank you!

Bloody good show. Need more of it.


Very clever and so good to bring local identities into the fun of the evening in a very friendly and sensitive way. Very inclusive. Excellent.

Loved the comedy. Everyone was more chatty after the show and laughing. Lightens the mood.