Live Shows

2023 >

Double Feature

On the night of his dad’s funeral in 2018, Damian and his siblings discovered a diary penned by his mother in 1946.

2022 >

Mayor for a Day

Evolving out Callinan’s tailored ‘What A Relief’ shows for the National Emergency Management Agency tours, Mayor for a Day was the logical next step in his suite of community engagement shows.

2020 >

What a Relief … it’s Damian Callinan

Since early 2000 Damian has been intermittently touring with the National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA] Targeting communities that have suffered hardship through drought, flood and fire.

2019 >

The Hall Commitee

The Rummage South Memorial Hall has seen better days. With white ants in the walls, possums in the roof & pigeons in the projection booth, the local wildlife are getting more use out of the hall than the locals.

2018 >


Set at Newk’s 70th birthday party in Sydney, Newcombe’s journey travels from naive 60’s schoolboy to the number one player in the world in the 70’s, to his days as Davis Cup captain to the stroke he suffered in 2003.

2014 >

The Wine Bluffs

Fellow comedian Paul Calleja approached Damian about dabbling in wine based comedy at the Yarra Valley Grape Grazing in 2014.

2014 >

The Lost WW1 Diary

Obsessed from a young age by the Anzac legend and intrigued by the mystery surrounding the identity of two diggers from a family photo, Damian sets out on a quest to put names to the faces.

2010 >

The Merger

The mill has closed; the Tidy Town sign has fallen into the long grass and the weir is as dry as a spinster’s gusset. The dieing town is poised to claim it’s next victim: The footy club.


Town Folk

The shows segments varied from night depending what was thrown up by own surveys, interactions and personalities. Photoshop also allowed speculations beyond the actual and added greatly to the strong opening.


Swing Man

Having harboured a desire to learn how to Swing Dance in actual life, he realised that after 2 years of staring at a swing dance pamphlet on his fridge, that the easiest way to fit dance lessons into his busy schedule was to create a show about the process.


The Out Of Print Book Club

For every book published there are 100’s that hibernate in hard drives, stagnate in second draws and fester in the frontal lobes. Determined to unleash this tsunami of literary potential are multi-award winning comedian/actor Damian Callinan and actor Tim Overton.


Adelaide Fringe Gala

Damian Callinan in action at the ‘Adelaide Fringe Tonite Gala’ at The Adelaide Masonic Hall 2014. The Gala appeared on Channel 9 ‘Go’.


Road Trip

Comedians Damian Callinan & Mickey D have packed the Tarago and are en route to your town to put on their show. Only problem is they don’t have a show … Yet!!


Robinson Crusoe

Premiering at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival before going onto to packed houses at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Robinson Crusoe saw Damian return to the autobiographical realm of comedy that brought him such success with ‘Spaznuts’.


Murrindindi Bushfire Tour 2009/2010

In the wake of the tragedy of Black Saturday in February 2009, Damian performed shows for the Marysville & Alexandra communities.


Is This Thing On – The Dave Berry Story

A conversation about long term ‘try out’ comedians over Spanish Tapas in Edinburgh in 2008 with fellow ex ‘try out’ comics Adam Hills and Heath Franklin was the catalyst for ‘Is This Thing On’.


Last Drinks

What happens when the underworld start drinking at your local? You join the drinkers relocation program!



Despite the personal nature of the show, Spaznuts features all of the hallmarks of his previous work with real and imagined characters featuring alongside the real Damian.



In 2005, the Hothouse Theatre in Albury commissioned Damian to write a show specifically for kids and families to go alongside his adult show ‘Eureka Stocktake’ he was already performing at the biannual Hothouse Comedy Festival.


Eureka Stocktake

Eureka Stocktake, Damian’s 4th solo show was originally written for the ‘Eureka 150 Festival’ in 2004. The show displayed his diversity as a performer combining a rich vein of storytelling; stand up and characterisation with nuggets of history and pathos.


Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Abridged

Based at his current rate, if Damian lives to the average age of the Australian male he will have performed in 21 productions of The Complete Works – Abridged.


Proxy Heroes

Using the dusty pages of a ‘Boys Own Annual’ style family heirloom, a father reads to his son some of his favourite stories from a book we soon discover isn’t as it seems.


How Good’s This

For ‘How Goods This’ Callinan & Mooney joined forces with Greg Fleet, Mar ty Sheargold and Des Dowling to create a live sketch show, which also showcased pre recorded sketches.


Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow

The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow is a showcase of the best of the festival that sees two casts of comedians cavorting around the country in cramped campers in the months following the festival.


Sportsman’s Night

First performed at the 2000 Melbourne Fringe Festival, Sportsman’s Night continues to resonate with audiences over a decade later.


Out & About

Rewarded for their unique collaborations; innovative comedy and persistence at working together without a duo
name, Damian & Lawrence received a Moosehead award in 2000 to develop their new show Out & About.


Speech Night

Originally performed at the 1999 Melbourne Fringe, Speech Night was Damian’s first solo show and set the course for the character driven comedy for which he has become renowned.


We’ve Not Been Ourselves In Outer Space

Following in the tradition of their previous show, the duo again deconstructed the world of comedy this time adding the ingredient of science fiction.


We’ve Not Been Ourselves

Lawrence Mooney & Damian Callinan decided to end the backstage flirting and cement their comedy love by collaborating for MICF 1998.